Selfhood International works to ensure that all citizens are able to realize their right to an identity through the acquisition of registration documents. Our efforts focus on birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates so that citizens and families can protect themselves and ensure that their rights to identity and nationality are fulfilled. By working closely with local partners, government officials and community members, we aim to raise awareness, facilitate the registration process and advocate for legal changes to ease the burden of registering.  

Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates can help facilitate the resolution of intra-family issues, ensure that property is properly distributed upon the death of a property owner, work to promote women's and children's rights and promote the realization of the right to identity and the right to nationality. We believe that the possession of these documents can empower individuals to realize their human rights, promote family stability and help the local and national government to understand the needs of the communities where we work.


Know Your Rights
Working within a community, we determine whether community members understand the right to identity and the identification registration process through their local government. After this assessment, we conduct informational meetings tailored to each community to ensure that all community members understand their rights and how to obtain their registration documents. 

After determining a community's general level of understanding of their rights and registration needs, we work with local partners to help citizens with the registration process. This includes providing logistical support and engaging in registration drives as well as know your rights campaigns and other programs tailored to each particular community.  

In coordination with local partners, we work with local government officials to bring changes to the registration process so that it is as efficient and accessible as possible. 


Based in New York, we currently are working with partners in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya.